Coordinate Measuring Machine Dryers

Parker Balston CMM Drying SystemA CMM has 26 highly sensitive air bearings per machine. If oil and moisture are present in the air system supplying the air bearings, the .5mm hole in the bottom of the air bearing will become clogged producing a “drag” in the machine. As the resistance builds, it causes hysteresis in the measurements producing an inaccurate measurement. If this problem is allowed to continue, the bearing will drag on the aluminum ways and wear a groove in the machine. Once a groove develops, the air bearing will not produce lift if air is leaking out through the groove in the machine ways. To correct the problem, a complete rebuild of the machine at the factory is necessary which can be as costly as purchasing a n ew machine. If the problem is caught in time, a service team will be required to come to the facility to repair the machine. The team will remove the bearings and the holes and grooves are cleaned with alcohol. Each bearing is then resurfaced with 600-1500 grit paper. Badly corroded or pitted air bearings are replaced at a cost of $200.00 per bearing. Air hoses are also replaced, and all air passages are cleaned. The machine is then reassembled, and the time-consuming and costly task of recalibrating the machine with the ball bar and a B89 test is performed as the final step in repairing the machine.

Many repairs average upwards of $5,000.00. These costly repairs and downtime can easily be avoided by installing a Balston high efficiency Membrane Air Dryer. The Balston Membrane Air Dryer will provide extremely clean, dry air to a CMM, eliminating the possibility of contamination. The Dryer utilizes patented membrane technology, unsurpassed in performance and durability to dehydrate and purify the compressed air. The Balston Membrane Dryer is the only system designed specifically for CMM applications.

Model: Model CM0080-35
Compressed Air Dryers, Membrane, for Coordinate Measuring Machines
Flow Capacity: 8 scfm (13.6 Nm3/Hr)
Typical Applications: Coordinate Measuring Machines

Model: Model CM0150-35
Compressed Air Dryers, Membrane, for Coordinate Measuring Machines
Flow Capacity: 15 scfm (25.5 Nm3/Hr)
Typical Applications: Coordinate Measuring Machines

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