Pressure Swing Adsorption Dryers (PSA)

Parker Balston Industrial Adsorptive DryersBalston regenerative PSA desiccant dryer reduces the atmospheric dewpoint of compressed air without operator attention. Model 75-A20 will reduce the dewpoint to -100°F (-73°C). The dryer is delivered complete and ready for easy installation. The dryer has coalescing prefilters with automatic drains, PSA drying towers, a particulate final filter, a moisture indicator, differential pressure indicator, and pretested controls.

The Balston regenerative dryer has safe, 12 VDC electrical controls. To install, simply attach the inlet (60 psig/4.1 BARG minimum) and outlet air lines, plug the electrical transformer into a wall outlet - no electrician required - and the unit is ready for trouble-free operation. This reliable dryer can be easily installed, operated, and maintained by personnel not trained in instrumentation. The Balston dryer is useful when air comes into contact with moisture-sensitive materials, or when outside compressed air lines are subjected to sub-freezing temperatures. The 75-A20 is a wall mountable unit. It has a 10 SCFM(17 Nm3/hr)/min. (283 lpm) capacity (at 100 psig/6.9 BARG inlet pressure)

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduce the dewpoint of compressed air to -100°F (-73°C)
  • Unattended 24 hour operation
  • Lightweight and compact
  • No desiccant to change
Model: 75-A20NA
Compressed Air Dryer, PSA Desiccant
Dew Point: ;-100°F/-73°C Dewpoint

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