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Parker Cabinet Dryer Provides Clean, Dry Air for Electrical Cabinet Purging in Class 1 Explosive Environments


Haverhill, MA - Parker Hannifin’s Filtration and Separation Division offers Balston® Cabinet Dryers designed specifically for all Class 1 explosive environments. 

Electrical Cabinets in Class 1, Div 1 and 2 environments must be purged regularly to prevent buildup of explosive gases. The use of a cabinet dryer will ensure the air purge is clean and dry to protect sensitive internal electronics. The Cabinet Dryer requires no electricity and adds no heat to the cabinet making it ideal for explosive environments. 

The Cabinet Dryer combines superior coalescing technology with a proven, innovative membrane system to supply clean dry air to -7°F (-22°C) dewpoint. Installation of a Cabinet Dryer will prevent component failure and extend cabinet life significantly reducing maintenance costs and downtime. 

For additional information on Parker Cabinet Dryers, please call 1-800-343-4048 for US and Canada or 1-978-858-0505. Parker Hannifin Filtration and Separation Division, 242 Neck Road, Haverhill, MA 01835.

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